Information about the workshops and classes provided by Teatro Drama:

Elia Schneider

Elia has provided more than 100 workshops. Currently she is a Faculty Member at Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles, where she teaches her prestigious workshop “Fundamentals of Theater” an Adler technique in Spanish.

During the workshop Professor Elia works with the students for 5 consecutive weeks. She analyzes and discusses the teachings of Stella Adler and addresses the work of the actor in the theatrical play, as well as what it promotes in the actor as a human being.

The workshop includes two sections, the theoretical part where the foundations of the Adler technique are studied based on the deep analysis and interpretation of the text, as well as the use of the actor’s imagination that allows them to connect emotionally with the character truth. Through the practice part of the workshop the student actor applies the knowledge obtained.

Throughout her years of experience as a teacher and her work directing actors, she has developed a very special and unique technique through which her students can understand the importance of the search for the truth on stage.

For Stella Adler being a better actor is synonymous with being a better human being. The power of this premise is manifested both in the classes and in rehearsals. Continuously reinforcing the complete dedication to the work, the respect and collaboration with the other students.

A great number of Elia’s students experience a very positive transformation since the experience of the workshop leaves them with a deep impression, and fundamental changes in the way of seeing reality.

All types of students attend Elia’s workshops, from those with a certain trajectory and acting experience, to those who have never had an acting experience and are engaged in different activities whether they be related to the art or not.

No matter the age, occupation, health condition, social condition or disability, the workshop is never denied to anyone. However, class size is limited with the intention of dedicating the time and attention necessary to the students. In each workshop Elia grants a scholarship to one or more aspiring students who cannot afford the cost of the workshop.

Tony Duran

Tony is a Mexican actor and trainer of movement for the actor. He attended the workshop of the International School of Theater of Latin America and the Caribbean, the FITLA (International Latino Theater Festival of Los Angeles) where he has been trained in theater, dance, and performance art.

He has performed on stages all over the United States with works such as “El Hombre De Las Suelas De Viento” by Rimbaud and “El Infame” by Oscar Liera. Some of his latest works include “The Traveling Towers”, “Tsunami”, and “The Armored Reason”. He is currently rehearsing for “Take This Waltz” a work in progress directed by Elia Schneider.

Tony has also been the Director of body movement in various plays. He has collaborated with Teatro Drama as a volunteer teacher of body movement. He also offers his intensive workshops to children of different schools such as the Wiseburn School District among others.

Teatro Drama actively contributes to the community, supporting the development and training of new actors and promoting theater as a means of transmitting cultural values.

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